I’m Emma. I’m 26 and have little Chloe and smashing Scott. I thought hard about what to write here, and then thought using pictures would help.



I absolutely love to crochet! These little squares are my current project. I make a couple each day, more if I’m feeling stressed. They help to quiet my mind if I am hearing things and the colours cheer me up if I’m feeling down. I’ve always had a thing about colours, I have a drawer full of nail polishes I never use just so I can look at all the pretty colours. Scott once gave me a colour chart from Homebase as a gift!



Jeffrey and Bo. Jeffrey is the ginger orange one and Bo is the zebra. Jeffrey is old and stroppy and Bo thinks I’m her mummy.


My beautiful Scott. He really is my rock, I’d be truly lost without him. We have been together for four happy years. He’s a builder/plumber type with his own successful business. He likes to cook, hoover and play drunk monopoly with me in front of a cosy fire. He takes the mickey out of me for always singing the wrong words to songs, but I know he’d miss it if I stopped.



Chloe loves to draw. This is a picture she drew of herself crying after I’d upset her about something small.




Chloe’s first adventure golf session went well!



Bo never blinks! She only ever closes her eyes when she’s sleeping or smiling. We call her Bo the Unblinking, a quiet tribute to Daenerys Targaryen the Unburnt. I’m a Game of Thrones geek and not ashamed!



Chloe drowning a baby in the sink.



The best step-father/step-daughter relationship in all the world. Scott has been with us since Chloe was barely a year old, so this is all she knows. We have blended together so well, it’s all I can remember too. She’s going to grow up to be a strong, independent woman because of the way he treats her and the things he teaches her. Chloe has a father, but he lives in a different country and doesn’t see Chloe very often.